– Stroke about 0,62 x platform length
– Up to 20 tonnes payload
– All custom specifications available
– Strong reliable design

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Single scissor, more than 50 standard types!

  • Flat or tear pattern deck top. The roll over edges are square (not radius) for greater strength, smoother load transfer and flush mounting of handrail, conveyors, etc…
  • A perimeter safety trip frame is fitted to the undersides of the platform to prevent further lowering should an obstruction be encountered. For added safety, operator reset is standard.
  • The scissor arms for lift tables up to 3 meters in length are usually profiled solid steel. For larger lifts, steel hollow section is used to provide greater stability. A substantial torsion tube is fitted between the armsets to help ensure good synchronisation and stability even when excentrically loaded.
  • The 1400-rpm power packs are selected for their exceptional reliability and low noise (<70 dBA).
    A built in high pressure filter helps protect the lowering valve from malfunction.
    The lowering speed is adjustable on site and is controlled by a pressure-compensating valve.
    Standard mains supply 230/400V – III – 50 or 60Hz. Control circuits 24Vdc.
    Each lift is protected to IP54 and is ready to use when connected to mains supply and suitably installed. The control station is on 3 meters of flexible cable complete with Emergency Stop and dead man (constant pressure) UP and DOWN push buttons.
  • Steel posts are provided to mechanically support the platform in raised position to allow access for maintenance purposes.
  • The steel arm “INA” branded roller bearings and shafts are replaceable.


– For pallets 1200 x 800 or 1000 mm
– No pit requested
– For light duty use
– Rectangular or U-shaped platform

Low Closed lifts

This table is a SEL10-80, down rated to 700 kg for an eccentric load. The supplied ramp allows for Euro-pallet loading by a pallet lifter.
The low closed range can also be supplied with a U-shaped platform, which allows the pallet lifter to drive between the scissor arms with no need for a ramp.
The power pack is always remote at 3m distance.

Type Length x Width
Lifting stroke
Closed height
Rated capacity
Rectangular platform:
SEL05-80 1400 x 800 700 80 500 10 0,75 s3
SEL10-80 1400 x 800 700 90 1000 20 0,75 s3
SEL20-80 1400 x 1000 700 90 2000 20 1,50 s3
U-shaped platform:
SUEL10-80 1400 x 1100 700 90 1000 20 0,75 s3
SUEL15-80 1400 x 1100 700 112 1500 20 0,75 s3

A 22,5 tones capacity lift for raising large items onto a production line.

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Double horizontal scissors, more than 20 standard types!

– Lifting stroke approx. 0,32 x platform length
– Up to 30 tonnes payload
– Mechanically synchronised
– Suitable for long loads

Type EVL30-370, 3 tonnes capacity, 3000 mm stroke lift used for stacking on a production line.
Note the twin arm roller bearings.

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Double vertical scissors, more than 40 standard types!

– Lifting stroke approx. 1,2 x platform length
– Up to 6 tonnes payload
– Suitable for high rise lifts
– Robust construction

Stainless steel, may be combined with hot dipped galvanised!

– For hostile environments, including chlorine
– Recommended for use in food industry
– Totally enclosed box sections
– Bead blasted surface

A specially built 1200 kg capacity lift table with powered roller track.
A hand pallet truck in a slaughterhouse picks up a plastic pallet with meat waste that is roller conveyed to the exit.
Completely built in stainless steel. Also available in painted or hot galvanised steel.

An EL12-125YSS special built table made from EN 1.4301 stainless steel with specially painted lift cylinders and chrome plated stainless steel rods. The lift control is by covered foot switches.

A number of 1200 kg capacity lift tables being used in a process hall.
The environment is extremely aggressive due to concentrated salt-water sprays.
The working height needs constant adjustments to prevent damage to the operators’ backs as the loads are heavy and difficult to handle.

General guide/information for stainless steel and galvanised tables:
Cylinder type 1. Complete stainless steel EN1.4301 or EN1.4401.
2. Standard cylinder tubes coated with corrosion resisting primer and spray coated with a 2-component acrylic resin paint finish, colour RAL7032 grey. Piston rod of chrome plated stainless steel.
Fabrication 1. Completely from stainless steel EN1.4301 or EN1.4401.
2. Combination of stainless steel platform and bottom frame with hot dipped galvanised armset.
3. Completely hot dipped galvanised.
Bearings All axles and cylinder pins of stainless steel and bearing bushes with grease nipples.
Power pack We recommend to set the power pack and control panel in a remote location or to cover it with a stainless steel hood.

Optional features for plenty of different applications!

Platform mounted handrail, fixed of removable.
Hinged doors or gates.

Mobile units, choice of wheels to suit. Powered or manually moved.

Galvanised or stainless steel mesh curtain under 1 or more sides to resist ingress to undersides of lift platform.

Loading flaps/bridge plates. Manually operated, with gas strut assistance, or hydraulically powered.

Gravity powered roller track(s), ball top unit or skate wheels.

PVC bellow reinforced with glass fibres to provide side protection. Also consider roller blind or rigid steel panels.

Special designs and a wide range of accessories for a wide range of applications

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